May 30 2010

Overall Impression

admin @ 4:42 pm

Last few days until I fly back to the UK, what an experience this has been it’s opened my eyes to the beauty of the places I visited, I especially liked Fiji and wished I’d spent more time there rather than 6 days I think 12 days would have been better as I would have seen more Islands than just 3, question would I do it again answer yes I would maybe not L.A or Las Vegas but the others most probably, see more of Australia and Fiji and maybe go a bit further a field as well, all in all a very good thing to do and I urge anyone else thinking this if you have the funds DO IT don’t ponder otherwise you’ll never go and enjoy yourself, when the time gets closer and you get anxious and start thinking why did I book this once you’ve started the trip you’ll love it, start enjoying it like I did and I didn’t regret any of the places I visited wish I spent more time in the places I mentioned above but that’s about it, I did travel by myself and got alot of “why did you decide to travel alone” short answer is not everybody would of been able to pay outright for the trip as most I met worked their way around where as I wanted it to be a tourist with no money worries.

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