Mar 26 2010

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15th March

Landed 15 minutes earlier (13:10)in Perth than planned which was good and the flight from South African Airways A340-600 as it was 1/2 to 3/4 full so I had 2 seats to myself :d, customs wasn’t too bad either just asking how long my stay is, have I bought anything in like plant, animal, soil that i haven’t declared but other than that plain sailing, got to backpackers at 14:30 and am now resting and typing this as am a bit jet lagged so hopefully tomorrow will feel better and explore.

16th March

got up quite late so most of the day had gone had brunch at a nice place with fresh orange juice but at $14.50 was a bit expensive but still nice all the same with free WiFi, think if I’d downloaded my pictures from South Africa something would have been said so you’ll have to be patient :p PS all these times I took the mickey out of you know who you are about Mc Donalds well yes I had one :s

17th March

Got up late once again decided to do the tourist thing and book a sight seeing tour of Perth which also includes a ferry to and from Freemantle as well as a tour included so not too bad, today only did the Perth tour tomorrow Fremantle up a bit earlier me thinks :), today was a Subway day and was nice as always 🙂

18th March

Hmm early start today for a change had to get to Barrack St Jetty for 09:30 to catch the cruise to Fremantle which was 1 hour 15 minutes away and saw some nice properties along the way ranging from $2.4 million to $57 million how some people live hay, once a shore at Fremantle a tram took us into the area visiting the memorial of Australians and other nations which I took pictures of and I didn’t realize that UK and US submarines are stationed there from time to time, a few cruise ships were there today, could have taken a trip to Rockness Island today but wasn’t too interested and also didn’t do the Prison at Freemantle as prisons aren’t my thing. Pictures will appear asap but I’ll have to cut quite a few out as my website might crash and only the good ones will appear or ones that’ll give you an idea what it’s like.

19th,20th March

Nothing much either day TBH even though 19th was overcast it still registered 26c just went wondering to find the Sony Centre that I’d seen yesterday which I found and was quite impressed by the shop fit with Cinema Rooms 3 of them and they are a proper Sony Centre like UK, took some pictures not many but will give UK an idea what the layouts like. 20th March was planned 29c and boy is it but nicer than at home as I’ve checked the temperatures, went for a wonder along the river as wasn’t gonna do much on my final full day as the heat makes you do very little.


21st,22nd March

Check out was 10am flight not until 21:55 to Cairns so stayed until 13:45 pm at the back packers then got a taxi ordered temperature today 31c, arrived at airport at 2pm and waited until the flight on Easy Jet type airline Jet Star very turbulent flight which was most likely due to the typhoon. 22nd March arrived to a wet Cairns at 4:15am got into room and decided bed was calling got up 12 ish as the late flight and no sleep on the plane didn’t help, amazed how humid it is here compared to Perth, ordered a bus for tomorrow to take me to Port Douglas leaving 10:30.

Port Douglas
Sorry for lack of pictures but not much to take pictures of TBH.

23rd March

Picked up at 10:30 and dropped off at 11:45 which was very good at $38 for return to Cairns Airport on the 28th March was very amazed at the good price, shopped at Coles which is the local shopping place as well as Woolworths, upgraded my room from a Hotel room which I had a look at a bit small to a large room with a kitchen fully equipped, walked a bit around but Port Douglas is like a rural town not very big, tomorrow is my refresher course for my Diving tomorrow then 2 days of Great Barrier diving which I can’t wait to see.

24th March

Picked up at 9am for my refresher course, saw the PADI dvd and afterwards had a quiz all the info I was told 1983 came back, did the 200m swim and 10 minute floating just as a matter for interest for myself, all the underwater activities I did with no real problems so at the end of the day I was asked did I wish to do the 2 day dives which I agreed.

25th March

Today was an 08:40 start to get to the boat Calypso with a 20 knot wind was quite rough 1 1/2 hours later got to 1st dive site Blue Bouy which was really cool as that was the 1st time I’d done this in open water and the marine life is a real eye opener, 2nd dive site Wedge was cool but not as nice as the Blue Bouy but I felt alot more confident due from the 1st dive each dive was 45 minutes, 3rd dive site was Two Tone again Blue Bouy was still the best as visibility was not so good which was a shame but am due to go again tomorrow.

26th March

2nd day of diving and 25 knot winds so rougher getting there today 1 3/4 hours to get to dive site , 1st site was SNO which was quite nice to scuba around, 2nd was Blue Bouy which we’d done yesterday but was nice to see again, 3rd dive was Wedge which had a very strong current so went a little bit against the current then went back, lost my Padi card and found it was on the boat, turned out it had been given to the main reception at my resort but at least I got it back.

27th March

Final day at Port Douglas and rained on and off all day but the diving was why I came here as well as my trip the weather was not as important as the diving, early start tomorrow as need to catch my flight onto Sydney seems the weather is going to be better and I’ll be there over Easter which will be nice and in a hotel, finally flying Qantas as other one was a cheap carrier.


28th March

Left damp and wet Port Douglas for Cairns Airport and my 12pm flight to Sydney, I’m on the 16th floor which is high :s, but anywhere with a bed will be nice, weather in Sydney over the next 5 days isn’t looking good but anything is nicer than the cold weather back home, 1 hour internet $8 is cheap to be honest here, I’ll be online a few times but not everyday as that would be stupid as I can only surf so much.

29th March

Not much happened today as was quite wet and got up late as usual but I’m on holiday so that’s allowed, I’m in a 4* hotel on the 16th floor which is strange considering I’ve been staying in Back Packers for my other Australian destinations apart from Port Douglas.

30th March

Decided to go out and about as the weather is no better than yesterday, bought a ticket for the Monorail which lasts all day, went to Darling Harbour to the Australian National Maritime Museum took some pictures which are on my Facebook Account but will post links for people.

31st March

Bit better weather wise today so decided to walk along Darling Harbour and see all the boats and the other attractions there like Wildlife World $34.95 which made me think twice about it and also the Aquarium $34.95, been to the Aquarium in South Africa so decided not to go to either as the price seemed a bit steep even though the sea life may have been different but still that price changed my mind.

1st April

Today decided to go a bit further into town as the weather was perfect, found the hospital and also alot of different shops, would do sight seeing tour but like walking around and finding things by foot as you get to take in alot more than seeing it from a bus, tomorrow is Darling Harbours Hopla Festival for the Easter weekend which sounds very cool can’t wait myself

2nd April

1st day of the festival got down at 11am so I can get an idea what is where even though there is a program telling you, 12 noon came and saw some amazing acrobatics and some very dangerous things as well once again the weather is perfect, strange being away from home over Easter but still something new isn’t a bad thing and no doubt mum and dad have been invited out somewhere, I try and update when I can but cannot do this everyday as it’s an expensive thing to do so you’ll have to bare with me and be patient.

3rd April
2nd day of the festival before I continue waffling everyday is the same format, there are some events paid by Sydney Harbour Council and some are true buskers hoping the general public give them some money for the performance that they do which is fair enough as the risk there lives with the things they do, 2nd to last full day here in Sydney, tomorrow being Sunday the clocks go back 1 hour at 2-3am which is strange as in the UK they go forward so an extra hour in bed tomorrow :d.

4th April
Last day in Sydney looked out the window this morning and it was very wet, once dry went down to the harbour again to see some acts I may have missed, went further along quay and was a helper I had to stand with 3 others and keep an 8ft pole upright while a bike was at the top, the entertainer then got on top of the bike balanced on that then juggled a lit torch, apple and a knife and must admit that was very cool, lets see what New Zealand holds for me.



Port Douglas

HMAS Vampire


Darling Harbour

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