May 20 2010

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19th May
Got up quite early considering the time difference, went to Welland Canal ( connects Lake Ontario to Lake Erie) see a ship go into a lock and it takes 12 minutes for the water to drain to the correct level before the ship can leave, afterwards went to Niagra Falls and I went on the Maid Of The Mist again which was nice and wet but enjoyed it once again.

20th May
Got up a bit late today so had breakfast, lunch then went on a cycle ride along the lakeside which was quite nice as we thought it might rain, nothing else happened today as taking it easy for the moment.

21st May
After lunch went to the Canadian Aircraft Warplane Museum in Hamilton which was quite interesting the only thing a bit annoying was the amount of aircraft in pieces being restored but all in all a nice visit never the less.

22nd May
Not much happened today as the weather wasn’t very good but went for a walk along the shoreline and saw quite a few fires down on the beach, lake is not very clean which is a shame but that’s mainly down to the birds.

23rd May
Invited to a dinner party by my cousins which was quite nice got there about 2pm had afternoon tea and cakes, nice pasta dinner and apple pie for desert and was nice seeing them all as last time they were over I was working so didn’t get the chance.

24th May
Went for a bike ride around 4pm as it’s too hot to go any earlier, the funny thing was the bike ride path had major roads every so often and you had to stop and wait if traffic was appearing, bike ride itself was not too bad even for a bank holiday here, decided the inland bike route rather than the lake as it would have been a busier route to ride.

25th May
Today was the first time had to get up at 8am as it was hike day, when I say hiking I mean hiking, rocky is not the word very rocky and slimey and very picturesque the walk took 3 hours to complete but the nice thing was it was by the Niagara river and we saw the Whirlpool Jet Boat going past he had been booked for 3pm, there was no chance that we were not going to get wet even the guide told us that as we were going to ride the rapids and the water went over us and all got very wet indeed, pictures with a normal camera were not possible and I was not going to pay a crazy price to buy from them.

26th May
Due to yesterday being so hot did not do much as soon as you walked outside your back was covered in sweat, so checked things out on the internet and chatted to friends on facebook but other than that just chilled out.

27th May
Due to it being yet another hot day, had lunch then a bit after lunch went to look at some waterfalls not far from home as you can see clicking the link below, not a bad day really even though being 33c wasn’t enough, thunderstorms are due sometime later but as I type this nothing yet.

28th May
Had lunch, drove to the closest railway station to make our way to Toronto Union Station where we were met by David and Lori and did a little bit of sight seeing before going to have dumplings in china town, was a nice change from the norm afterwards had to make our way to the Sky Dome to watch the Toronto Blue Jays against the Baltimore Orioles and they won 5-0 against them and that was very cool to see as never seen baseball live, atmosphere was really tense but they did very well.

29th May
Another blistering hot day and not nice walking anywhere in the 31c type of heat so relaxing in the house until the later part of the day where we went to Hamilton Waterfront for a walk around and saw a nice sunset before making our way back home.

30th May
Once again a very hot 31c day so cannot again do much in that type of heat especially as nowhere to swim to cool off, waited later in the day to go for a walk along the lake and back home.

31st May
My last 24 hour day in Canada decided to go to Christie Lake to enjoy the sunshine and swim in the lake it was quiet and only 2 families were there, had a swim and as the clouds were looking grey we packed up and went home, thunder storm didn’t happen until around 10:30 rained most of the night.

1st June
Last day in Canada and my 3 month trip visiting many places, for lunch went out to a nice restaurant that had a lunch menu $9.95 must admit even at that price was very tasty and well worth the money, hmm BA seems to be working on my flight but not the later flight and a Boeing 777-200 aircraft and I have an exit seat, got on the aircraft and the seat was indeed an exit seat, flight took off 19:20.

Niagara Falls ETC

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