May 07 2010

Los Angeles / Las Vegas Blog + Pictures

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Los Angeles

8th May
My first full day here and what a scorcher it was as well, got some shopping as no food is included in all my Hotels booked for me, due to not feeling to bright i did not much else, tomorrow Universal Studios Tour :d.

9th May
Had a bad night sleep, went to bed early but that didn’t work last night. Universal Studios VIP tour was cool pictures will follow the guide Doug was very good and talking about everywhere we stopped and walked on alot of sets which the normal ticket holders don’t get to do, the next flight is tomorrow to Las Vegas so until then.

Las Vegas

10th May
Got picked up from the Dunes Inn 09:30 so 10 minutes later than arranged, arrived at about 10:10 which seemed quite tight, self service check in was interesting just swipe your passport and it found all the details only thing I didn’t realize was £20 for 1st bag it asked me how I wanted to pay I selected cash, it stated it would charge me but how as I haven’t given it any card details, flight was at 12:15 security in the US has been easier than you get told, got to gate 49A but as AA do not supply food on any of their flights got something to eat went back to the gate only to be moved to gate 43, arrived at gate 43 to find another flight was there for Dallas so our flight was 20 minutes late leaving but the flight time was 50 minutes, once inside the terminal building the slot machines appeared which TBH didn’t interest me at all so made my way to the shuttle paid my $6 and arrived at Circus Circus, check in queue was quite long but once I got to the desk was advised the Manor rooms are being demolished during my stay so I was upgraded free and the room I have got is very nice indeed tomorrow is my Grand Canyon flight :d.

11th May
Got up super early 08:10 and the wind made it really cold, my limousine arrived at 09:40 as arranged picked a few people up on the way and got to the Sundance reception at 10:10, people flying got weighed and a number the helicopter could take 6 people plus the pilot, paid my $40 surcharge and had to sit through a safety video on what to do in an emergency situation, our numbers were called on the 392 (my party) party were the second party called and the pilot introduced himself and what a cool guy as soon as you got introduced you felt at ease with him taking you on your trip, had our picture taken in front of the Helicopter and were asked who wanted to sit in the front on the way there I volunteered as one and another guy the second, landed an hour and a quarter later in our lunch spot and were given 10 minutes to walk about before our lunch would be ready for us, given a couple of glasses of champagne with our lunch which was fine, the pilot then asked us all about our trips here and what we did work wise and then were told to board the helicopter to take us back via the Vegas Strip and what a very cool experience indeed being the 1st time in a Helicopter and Limo, pictures to follow.

12th May
Got up fairly early and something was happening in the Adventuredome in the hotel so had a look and Chris Angel MindFreak was due to appear and do some filming, the official store is based at Circus Circus, had to stand behind a barrier and no photos while filming was going on as he had three female ladies in front of him and one had a necklace that he asked for her to put it in his hand moved his hand around open his hand and the necklace was gone but a quarter was there instead, asked the person whose necklace it was to put it into the bubblegum machine next a blue bublegum ball rolled around and came out Chris asked for it and also something to smash it with, was smashed and inside was the necklace that he was given the audience was filmed so you never know I may be part of this filming.

13th May
Nothing could have topped the last couple of days and nothing did, went for a wonder down the strip to see the other hotels within stones throw of Circus Circus, I’m amazed and found out Las Vegas is approx 78 acres of land and of course the rich and famous don’t stay here they stay in Boulders City where they have their own residence and out of the public eye as no vehicle can stop outside their houses oh what a bore they are.

14th May
Hoover Dam tour today all I can say is ask the tour company all the information ie total cost if paid by credit card as $42.99 became $50 $7.01 surcharge for fuel and $2.50 credit card charge, go on your own is the other option as the Dam Tour, Chocolate Tour, Lunch and Botanical Gardens Tour including the coach was not worth $52.50 and the chocolate factory had stopped production around midday we got there around 3pm, around 7pm walked down to Treasure Island Hotel to see the Volcano Show which from the pictures you can see its cool.

15th May
Nothing much happened today just a day of rest after yesterdays rip off of 8 hours coach trip, suppose it was okay thinking about it but still take note of above, sunbathed today for about 1 hour as it was very humid and not very easy to stay in to long so after that went back to the room.

16th May
Got up early to call home and to catch up with anything that’s happening at home, found out nothing new have been catching up with home at least once a week where possible and chatted to mum on the odd occasion which was nice.

17th May
Check out time today was 11am which meant I had all my stuff with me until 4pm when my shuttle to the airport arrived to pick me up, I’m at the gate in Las Vegas waiting for my over night stop in Los Angeles before flying onto Toronto tomorrow am.

18th May
Got up early to catch my flight to Toronto which is my last destination on my World Trip, security checked which was fine arrived at gate 46B as told getting close to boarding time checked the board the gate had changed to gate 49A but no announcement, arrived in Toronto at 17:35 and my bag was the first one on the conveyor and I was greeted by Mary who was surprised to see me so soon after landing then Terry.

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