Apr 30 2010

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24th April
Left Fat Camel (Auckland) 10am for the airport which took seemed like ages but only 50 minutes, got to check in and was told to produce my onward flight from Fiji which to me was strange but could understand, the organisation from the airport to my night accommodation was not very informative or organised but got there 18:30 and made an Island travel companion straight away which is always a bonus when you travel alone, found out he was on the same boat to Corel View and needed to be ready for 07:15, looking forward to tomorrow.

Corel View

25th April
Was ready for 07:15 and was treated with free breakfast which I was not vouchered for but still nice, loaded the bus with all the people going to Denarau Harbour for the start to my three Island tour, so far grey clouds but 30c the sea was a bit rough and had a 5 hour journey to the 2 night stop to Corel View, was greeted with locals singing a welcome song Bula which is their greeting (hello), tomorrow the cave journey but no swimming at the moment as cut my toe and told no water or swimming for 10 days but we’ll see

26th April
1st day on the Island staying at Corel View and it was blue sky and very hot atleast 30c I would think, breakfast 07:30 and the cave trip was at 9am which I went on and swam in the water, trips from the boat to the shore and any offshore Island requires a small transfer boat, bitten by mosquitoes alot even though I used bug spray, if you think there was a nice beach think again about 1 metre of sand and then rocks.


27th April
Got up for breakfast 07:30, sat on the shore sunbathing, all meals are included which is nice just too much rice, next island Korovou which will be today, arrived at about 14:20, greeted with a welcome, swam in the freshwater pool as the sea is too warm compared, sunset fishing was on offer which was cool 2 hours and a few fish were caught, sunset was very colourful.

28th April
Breakfast at 8am, fish feeding at 10am, 11 am coconut breaking which was nice and got to eat fresh coconut, lunch was the fish caught last night, this is my last night here, tomorrow South Sea Island for 1 night then the mainland and flight to Hawaii.

South Sea Island

29th April
Left Korovou 2pm for a 3 hour 30 minute trip to South Sea Island took a small boat to the island, to walk the Island takes 5 minutes to go around which is quite funny, this is the smallest inhabited island, last day tomorrow and going on seaspray (sailing boat) to visit Castaway Island where Tom Hanks was filmed, also visiting a village.

30th April
Ferry arrived at 09:30 to take us to Mana Island for the Seaspray adventure, on board a glass of champagne, muffin and briefed about the days activities, castaway we were given about 1 and a half hours snorkeling, called in about 1pm for a very nice barbeque which consisted of pasta salad, potato salad, something similar to coleslaw, tuna steak, sausage, chicken kebab, all beer and soft drinks free all day, visited the local chief who did a ceremony which was something that they do to welcome us, went to look at handmade items which if anyone purchased help the people of the island, boarded a small boat to get back onto Seaspray and head back to Mana, ferry collected us to take us back to the mainland and arrived back at 6pm, had to use my last money $27 to get back to the airport for my onward flight, found out it first goes to Samoa (Apia) before then flying onto Hawaii.

Smugglers Cove, Nadi

Corel View


South Sea Island


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