May 02 2010

Hawaii Blog + Pictures

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30th April
Arrived in Hawaii at 7:20am, customs was very easy I must admit, got outside was going to take the shuttle bus but it stops at every hotel along the way was tired so decided to take a taxi, got to the hotel just before 8am to check in only to find out check in isn’t until 3pm so had to leave my luggage with them but they take no responsibility for the luggage left with them, decided to go to the beach, water and beach were lovely and clean the water nice and turquoise, returned to the hotel to check in early night I think as arrived here same day I left Fiji i.e left Auckland 20:55 on the 30th April arrived in Honolulu 07:20 30th April.

May 1st

Got up late due to still having jet lag but am slowly getting over it, beach day was decided as the weather was nice and it’s only a 5 minute walk from my hotel, weather tomorrow not looking as good though but we’ll see.

May 2nd
Weather today as expected was very grey but the rain happened over night so just the sky no rain, still not feeling myself due to the flight this one is taking it’s time to go but this one seems like it’ll be the worst, hope weather tomorrow picks up.

May 3rd
Weather still not picked up but the day temperature stays late 20’s which is nice so even in the evenings you can wear shorts and t shirts and open toed shoes, Hawaii is much cooler than the pictures can do justice and well worth a visit again.

May 4th
Much better today as some blue sky appeared for a couple of hours and topped up a bit more of my tan, there was  genuine Hawaiian hula music being played and pictures attached and was very nice and natural compared to music in the charts which is a nice change, weather tomorrow is 84f which is gonna be a scorcher and very humid you lay down for 5 minutes and you are dripping from the heat.

May 5th
Another lazy day enjoying the sunshine and the nice crystal blue waters here, hope the UK is going to have a summer when I return in under a month of course the water wont be as warm as here.

May 6th
Final full day here go to the beach for 30 minutes and it starts to pour with rain luckily I was in a store getting my late breakfast at the time but still how dare the weather change, I realize me doing nothing for my time in Hawaii is boring but I have been doing alot of things in other places and decided to take a break for a change.

May 7th
Left my hotel at 10:30 to catch my flight to LA and what a rip off taxis are $37 for a 15 minute drive I asked the hotel to book the least expensive transport to the airport but obviously they don’t hear that, I’m typing this in the Dunes Inn which is a nice place as a roof over my head so to speak, see what tomorrow brings.


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