Mar 11 2010

Cape Town Blog + Pictures

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20th Feb Heathrow Airport

Got to Heathrow 3 hours before departure, checked in with no delay no queues at either check in or security, was quite surprised as normally you have to queue and wait for both but obviously not at Terminal 5, called to the gate around 6pm and what chaos a Boston flight was boarding and a flight to Jeddah so gate 36 and 39 queues were forming which meant you couldn’t get to gate B37 until they had all boarded, at about 7pm we were finally about to board got to my seat and what a surprise the seat with extra legroom turned out not to be even though the BA website stated it was, pushed back and taxied about 7:40pm a shortish taxi to the runway, once airborne the flight wasn’t that bad a nice selection of programs but didn’t watch much due to evening flight.

Cape Town, South Africa, Sorry for lack of updates but due to poor internet there is nothing I can do and out of my control.

21st February
Landed in Cape Town 08:36 which was early as it was 08:50 but don’t forget that would be 07:50 UK time, what a temperature difference compared to home, baggage even came through which was good as wasn’t gonna be happy if it didn’t. Arrived at the house and warned by a work colleague security is required so drove upto a gate and once activated opened and let us in, nice place with a pool and open plan with a swimming pool which is a must here, relaxed and rested for a while then went to lunch at a restaurant called Barn Yard which was quite nice as eating out is planned for every Sunday, went back to the house had a swim in the pool which used salt instead of chlorine which to me is much nicer.

22nd February
Decided not to do much today as the flight yesterday tired me out due to jet lag, so sat around the pool and snoozed as the humidity can make it very sticky, they have a 10 year old son which I hadn’t seen since he was 20 months old, seems a nice guy and likes my gadgets so keeps him amused which is fine by me as I’m sure having someone else to talk to is nice and I can relate to somethings even though the age gap.

23rd February
Took a drive to Hout Bay which was quite interesting seeing the shanty towns that pollute the place which is a shame but expected, the wind must have been force 6-8, took a walk on the beach and the sand hitting my feet felt like needles, in the afternoon decide to go into Cape Town to see were I have to meet the Garden Route Tour bus walked about 30 minutes and wasn’t even halfway so made my way back as it started to rain, very busy place I must admit not as though I wasn’t expecting it, haven’t taken any pictures so far as nothing really worth taking pictures of but am sure on the garden route I’ll take quite a few.

24th February
The decision was made today that staying at the Lodge the night before the Garden Route Tour was the best option, trying to get to Greenpoint at 07:30 at rush hour once I get to Cape Town was crazy, the cost of a taxi at 230 rand seemed crazy as a 1 night stay at the lodge was 100 rand and I’d not have to get up stupidly early as it started at 8am, was deciding whether to go to the mall this afternoon but the heat and myself not motivated thought better of it.

25th February
Was taken into Cape Town today to get some leaflets on the local bus tour as well as maps of the town and a visitors guide, was later taken to a place called Green Belt for a walk, was a sort of green forest with lakes and a nice private Residence where Mark Thatcher has a place as well as other famous people, I am surprised how green this land is well especially where I am staying, am very grateful of the hospitality of the people I’m staying with and of the people of South Africa so friendly, have been told that can change very quickly.

26th February
Today after breakfast went to Hout Bay World Of Birds for the start of my bus tour, which was 120 rand and you could hop on and off as much as you like for the day, went to quite a few places but decided not to get off as had seen a few of them already by car, only got off to see Two Oceans Aquarium at the V&A Waterfront which was different as wouldn’t have seen many at home of what I’d seen and they had penguins !!, the only other stop I got off was where I started and saw a few things besides birds as you’ll see from the pictures below hopefully.

27th February

Not Much happened today just relaxed.

28th February
Taken to the VA Waterfront for lunch and looked around, it’s like Brighton Marina is the only way to describe it, lots of shops and restaurants, from there was taken to a lodge called Ashanti in Greenpoint for the night before my tour as it seemed the sensible thing to do, not very impressed by it but was clean, was in bed late as four other people were in the same dorm and didn’t want to be constantly woken up, was anyway by the guy on the front desk at midnight all I can say is what an idiot he was.

1st March
Woke up at 6:30 to get ready as was told last night to be up and ready by 7am, I was picked up at 7:30 and picked people up on the way so made a total of 7, 4 of us were from UK, 1 from Germany and 2 from Denmark which was cool but the drive was quite long for the first stop off point which was where the Atlantic and Indian Ocean meet before heading off for the Garden Route Game Lodge which was late afternoon but was nice, saw Zebra’s, Giraffe, Rhino and Cheetahs as well as a few others, had dinner there which was very well laid on, then taken to a Farm house to spend the first night.

2nd March

Up early to head for the early morning game drive in which we saw the Elephants, Lion and Lioness the game keeper was very informative , drove to the Cango caves which was tour guided not my cup of tea but was still nice to see and had lunch at the Cango Caves if we wished but wasn’t that bothered, next stop was the ostrich farm where we all held a 2 hour old ostrich and met a friendly ostrich as we went through, was told by her that I would be getting a kiss which took me by surprise at first we were all given food in our hands and the ostrich took it, then shown how flexible the neck was and some people there were told to hold food in front of them while the ostrich was behind, two of us were allowed to put food in our mouths and that was taken from us like a kiss, meal that we were treated to was Ostrich steak and sausage must admit if I wasn’t told about it I would not have known.

3rd March

Today we drove for a little while to a place where we took canoes out for an hour and a half which was nice and peaceful and very picturesque and had alot of fun splashing people as well as taking pictures of the surrounding area once we’d done that we headed to the Bloukrans Bridge but when we got there it was busy with 20 people waiting so we went onto somewhere else, drove to storms river mouth where we saw Baboons and walked across the suspended bridges onto a beach where the waves coming in were lashing onto the big stones, after that we headed back to the Bungy Jump site and I opted out as I am not good at anything that gets my head upside down but one of our group did it and said it was brilliant and being 216m I wasn’t surprised.

4th March

This was our second to last day and we did Zip Lining which meant wearing all this safety equipment and had 8 lines to cross, whats zip lining I hear you say well you have 2 wheels that sit on top of the wire and you are fixed to that and you go fairly fast from one side to the other, longest one was 210m and was extremely fast but was something that all of us wanted to do again but at 350 rand decided not to and the time we had was not enough.

5th March

Early start 4am as it was the final day and the place where that shark diving was took 2 hours to get to, decided myself at over £100 I’d save my money and do the Great Barrier Reef in Australia as I think that is more value for money, we were asked about visiting the penguins but all of us said no don’t worry, we took the scenic route back to Cape Town I was the third person to be dropped off, had to take the very unsafe train well in my eyes but South Africans use them daily and arrived at about 15:30 at the station near where I was staying, am glad that it was over but have to say that I would have missed it if I didn’t get the idea from the people I’m staying with but also my travel guide, watched the first disc to Primeval which was very interesting as I’d never seen it before.

6th March

Got up early to watch it again just in case we had missed bits of it the day before, got hold of the second disc and watched that which was a pain as I had stated to the child we’d go Ice Skating I know ice skating in South Africa seems strange but still he was excited but that didn’t happen, so maybe next time that’s something that can be arranged if I hire a car I hadn’t hired a car as I was on my own and it’s not easy to navigate around where I was staying let alone Cape Town.

7th March

Went for lunch today at Simons Town which was very nice with a beach next to it and of course penguins, penguins I hear you say yes penguins and no Simons Town is very warm not cold at all, the water is like the UK so bareable we were asked if we wanted a swim and what a surprise forgot swimming stuff but still would have gone in our underwear but that never happened, didn’t take any pictures as I’m sure my website would have exploded let alone trying to download them onto Facebook which takes ages if you have like me taken over 200 :S.

8th, 9th March

Both days did the same got up about 10am and walked 40 minutes to the Constantia Village which is a shopping mall to get internet access on the 8th couldn’t work it out as required me to log in, 9th worked out you can get a temp username and password and use 10 minutes a day which is usually enough for most things and will go tomorrow hopefully to upload this first post and the pictures will follow once I’m in Australia as I’m sure it’s not so strict.

10th, 11th 12th March

Nothing much to report for the above days apart from Wednesday saw Cape Town have heavy rain for the first time of my 3 week visit and was shown a few places in and around where I’m staying, I’ve been to the WiFi spot about 40 minute walk away and tried many things but due to the restriction with it being FREE I’ve had little time to update and chat to you guys, hope in Australia that I’ll get less restrictions and be able to teamspeak and update my blog day by day, not having the internet is sometimes nice as we all rely on it too much and we take advantage of that but out in the real world that is harder.

13th March

Saturdays are always classed as lazy so got up at 8am (6am UK Time) and watched a bit of tv at about 10:30 went to Waldorf School where they were having a medieval festival with massage, food, music and story telling and a zip line for the kids , problems were that it was raining lightly which didn’t help and after about 20/30 minutes it was not exciting as we’d seen everything that there was to see. Must be up at 8am to get ready for my next leg of the journey

14th March

Flight to Jo’burg is at 11:30 which means I’ll arrive at the airport at 13:30, the connecting flight to Perth Australia is at 22:00 so a long boring time in the airport but then a 9 hour flight to Perth, now I’m on my own as I don’t know anyone there at all so this will be the test, nice though I could check in at 4pm so didn’t have to drag my luggage around until 8pm.

Cape Town

The Garden Route

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