Sep 20 2008

Website News !!!

admin @ 4:51 pm

12th October 2009 Planned a long awaited trip my Itinerary is as follows: Heathrow – Cape Town – Australia – New Zealand (Christchurch-Auckland) – Fiji – Hawaii – Los Angeles – Las Vegas – Los Angeles – Toronto (Canada). I will update once this trip starts as nothing much to update at the moment will have a Netbook with me on my trip :D, flights have been sorted and accommodation sorted in Sydney, date set Feb 20th, 2010. 😀

18th November 2009 Just got back from 2 weeks in The Canary Islands, what a nice time that was a) before Christmas b) before my big adventure. 😀

27th November 2009 Just travel insurance to be sorted now if the right price happens and not too expensive.
11th December 2009 Travel Insurance all sorted 😀 so now all set for my trip let the countdown begin. 😀

29th January 2009 The Garden Route Tour Booked in South Africa for 6 nights can’t wait 😀 link: Garden Route Tour

2nd June
Due to my trip finishing this site for the time being will no longer be updated but a further blog may appear soon !!!

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